Katie's Bunny Boarding Services

Boarding Information

A safe place for your pet to stay while you’re away.

We're looking forward to meeting your rabbit, guinea pig and other small pets!

On check-in day, your rabbit will be placed in a hutch which has been thoroughly cleaned, and provided with fresh hay and water. Your rabbit's hutch will be comfortable and provide a large space to hop around and relax as they please.

While your pet is with us

Throughout the day your pet will be monitored to make sure they are eating and pooping, and are happy and healthy, reassuring you that any concerns or problems are found very quickly. Your bunny and guinea pig will have lots of attention, head rubs and cuddles. If your pet is not so keen to be handled then I also ensure that they have their own space.   Your pet will have loads of yummy fresh meadow hay morning and night, and vegetables as they would normally at home. Any food left over is removed and all soiled areas cleaned daily so your pet has a comfortable holiday.

A water bottle or water bowl will be provided depending on your pet's preference. We provide fresh hay and fresh vegetables every day. We request that you bring your rabbit's dried food, this helps to keep their diet consistent, as a sudden change in diet can upset your bunny's digestive system. We are very happy to administer any medication your pet may need during their stay, and any other needs they may have.


During the day your bunny will enjoy a run outside in one of our secure galvanised mesh runs, to ensure they get time to explore and play. They are on paving slabs, so the runs can be cleaned and sanitised before your pet explores.

During summer we have fans and air conditioning units to provide cooling, and slatted blinds to keep the sun off your bunnies. During winter we provide heating to keep any extreme cold at bay.

Our facilities

Safety is our top priority, each hutch has a door with galvanised mesh and a dark room to snuggle and feel safe. All hutches are fitted with locks and are secure inside our large 'Bunny Lodge'.  The shed remains closed, with a mesh and mosquito covered door to keep all our guests safe and sound.

Our standard hutches are 4'x2'x2', but can be combined to make 8'x2'x2'. During quiet times we are happy to provide this extra space for your bunny at no additional cost.

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